Sunday, July 17, 2005


My life is based on a true story. It all started on 13th of July 1985. The world has changed a lot since then. I spent most of my life in DUBAI. Life there can be very much fun if you are loaded with the right tools(cash mainly). Been through a lot of ups and downs in my life but here i am ,still standing.

A little more about me.Lets start with food.Love anything and everything my mom makes(she is the best). Pizza,pasta ,all kinds of fastfood and so on(it will take forever if i give the whole list).
Favourite color is silver.
Favourite number is 91(no reason in particular).
Love playing snooker.Basketball is also another game i enjoy.
Hate smiling for photographs.
love the outdoors.
Used to love cats.but then i realised ,they just sit there.Its dogs now.That was my cat but i got run over by a car :(

My schooling days was really fun and exciting.I really miss those days.Finished my 12th in dubai.Right now doing engineering in kerala. Although engineering wasnt what i had in mind, fate led me in to this. Always had business in my mind. Engineering is hectic.2 more years of engineering to go.Who knows what after that.

I've had this thing for mobiles from a long time.Somthing about mobiles that just is amazing.As one can see,mobiles have gone through a revolution.There used to be days when a mobile was just an adult thing.Now , its more of a fashion statement.It can define the social status of a person.In the beginning a cellfone was almost a foot long thing with a huge antenna that was purely used for communication purpose.Slowly the size started reducing and one fine day there was no antenna.It became more affordable to the common man.Every Tom Dick and Harry had a mobile.Mobiles started becoming a must have gadget.People became more dependant on their cellfones.Then came the color display phones.The craze for ringtones and wallpapers was in the air.Every kid wanted a cellfone with ployphonic ringtones.Thanks to the latest technology,you can now surf the internet and watch your favorite television show on your mobile now.I guess in a few years any thing one can think of will be possible on a cellfone.


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